A comparison of high-end headphones from Final and Sendy Audio

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When Sennheiser hands over its headphone division to a Swiss company that is the market leader for hearing aids at the end of this year, it will be even more worthwhile to take a look at distant countries, where well-established brands can still hold up and new ones can emerge. Japan continues to maintain the tradition of high-end. Brands like Stax are still used as a reference. You rarely hear the name Final here. The long-established audio company has been building fine headphones that have established themselves in Japan for eight years.

In contrast, Sendy Audio from China is still relatively young. The brand originates from the company Sivga, which has been producing headphones for the mass market for five years. In China, more and more companies are emerging in the audio sector that take advantage of the fact that research and development as well as production are in one location.

We approached both brands from above and tried out their flagships. The Sendy Audio Peacock costs 1,500 euros and is distributed in Germany by Audionext. Final asks almost three times as much at 4000 euros for its top model, which is distributed to dealers by Audiotrade in this country. Both are magnetostatic headphones. With this technique, very thin conductor tracks are placed on the membrane in order to make it vibrate by magnets placed in parallel. The process is becoming more and more popular, and for many manufacturers it is almost a matter of course.

The peacock comes with wooden shells.

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In comparison

Sendy Audio Peacock and Final D8000 Pro

In terms of appearance, the two headphones couldn’t be more different. The Peacock from Sendy Audio presents itself in a rather playful guise. The leather of the temple is quilted with yellow seams, the mighty upholstery is also made of leather. For the shell, Sendy Audio chose lacquered wood to coat the grill that spans inside with real gold. All of this makes the Peacock a warm, friendly appearance that some people might come across as too golden. The mixture of wood and leather on a magnetostat might remind some of the American brand Audeze.


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