A contraceptive injection for men that lasts 10 years

A contraceptive injection for men that lasts 10 years

Al-Marsad newspaper: Scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology revealed that the contraceptive injection that lasts for ten years may soon be available to men.

The syringe – Risug – can be ready within 12 months. It was developed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, and completed its final experiments, according to the Daily Mail.

Dr Amanda Wilson, a public health psychologist at De Montfort University, told the British Science Festival in Leicester that research found men were very reluctant to receive the shot. For the male contraceptive pill, she said, we’re still looking at between 30 and 50 years, but Risug is the contraceptive closest to market. However, we are seeing a significant reduction in vasectomy.

“Scientists don’t know why,” she added. “But until we have this social acceptance of vasectomy globally, there won’t be as much social acceptance of Risug.”

Risug is a gel that destroys the tails of individual sperm cells, preventing them from fertilizing an egg.


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