a couple abandoned their baby at an airport for not buying a ticket

a couple abandoned their baby at an airport for not buying a ticket

A couple was caught abandoning their baby at Israel’s Ben-Gurion airport. Apparently, the situation arose after both tried to take a flight to Brussels, Belgium.

They reached the office of the Tel Aviv Rybar line, and They were asked to reserve the baby, but they had only bought their tickets, so the airline asked them to make the payment so that they could also travel.

Some airlines request the payment of a ticket for minors only after 14 days of birth, so it seems that they would have ignored this policy.

They decided not to pay the additional cost and travel without it, leaving it next to the check-in window, inside a shock and covered by a blanket. What happened went viral through a video on social networks, where the authorities are shown surprised at their actions, and attending to the situation.

The plane failed to take off, and the controversial couple was forced to disembark, only to be later arrested. They were transferred to a security zone, to be interrogated. So far the reasons why they made such a decision are unknown.

“We have never seen anything like this. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing,” the Ryanair office manager told the Jerusalem Post.

In addition, he explained that customers can access a lap seat for babies for 25 euros, and there is also the option of buying a ticket for them to access their own seat.


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