A couple defends the freedom that exists in Qatar and the collaborators of ‘Espejo Público’ do not give credit

The collaborators of Public mirror They have not given credit to what has happened during the interview that the presenter, Susanna Griso, has done this Friday with a couple who have defended the freedom that exists during the World Cup in Qatar.

Alicia and Hernán have intervened in the Antena 3 program, after sharing a video on social networks in which she appears in a miniskirt walking down a street in the Asian country.

In the images you can see several citizens of Qatar without reacting to the clothing that she was wearing next to a Spanish flag, but with which she did not respect the code established in the country.

The couple has stressed that in the Asian country there is freedom. “They don’t tell me anything, each one goes to their own. It is clear that I went unnoticed” explained the woman, just before one of the commentators responded.

Diego Revuelta, collaborator of Public mirror, he had to quickly intervene and say something important. “You know that even if it is not happening to you, it is happening. It does happen and there are many situations that we have seen. Qatar knows that eyes are on them ”, she has pointed out.

Mabel Lozano has been tougher. The tertulian has recognized that they did not tell her anything because she “carries a flag of Spain, she is dressed for soccer and carries a camera.” “The Qataris have a business and this is a great business. Are they going to mess with this girl? Let’s not launder women’s freedom ”, she added.

The couple has justified that they were in Qatar and the collaborators were not. “I don’t know what reality you are seeing, but show it to me because I don’t see it”, Alicia reasoned.

The woman believes that despite the fact that there was talk that “the woman could not enter” the stadiums. “Which she has disappeared because the woman has entered. Women can also kiss each other and nothing happens ”, she has exposed.


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