A cup a quarter of an hour before bed is the best natural herbal remedy for insomnia and lack of sleep

A cup a quarter of an hour before bed is the best natural herbal remedy for insomnia and lack of sleep

Natural drinks that help deep sleep and treat the problem of insomnia, many suffer from insomnia before going to sleep, so some may resort to going to the doctor and taking medicines and their side effects that may harm human health, and for this we will present in this article a natural recipe that can be drunk a quarter of an hour before bedtime and the ingredients are present in every home.

Sleep drinks and reduce insomnia

There are several natural drinks that help calm the nerves before bed in order to feel relaxed and have a deep sleep

  • Mint drink can be taken before bedtime because of its many benefits, as it relieves the body of gases and a strong analgesic for stomach pain, which makes a person feel comfortable in his body and fall asleep comfortably and quickly.
  • Hot anise drink, as it is one of the best drinks that can be consumed continuously because it leads to lowering blood pressure and feeling relaxed before going to sleep.
  • Chamomile tea is extracted from the chamomile flower, which has the ability to treat anxiety and the problem of insomnia before going to sleep, which gives the body a feeling of comfort. It is recommended to drink it on a daily basis because of its effective effects in treating insomnia.
  • As there is a fenugreek drink with milk, as the herb of fenugreek has many benefits in treating insomnia, anxiety and tension, so drinking a large cup daily helps you rest and relax before bed and feel a deep sleep, which affects your general health positively in general, as well as milk has many benefits because it contains calcium and nutrients that benefit human health.
  • There is also a warm milk drink with bee honey before bed that helps calm the body, relax the nerves, and enter into a deep sleep, because of its benefits and the variety of nutrients it contains.
  • If you suffer from insomnia due to stress or anxiety and would like to fall asleep faster, chamomile tea may be more effective. Research conducted on chamomile shows that visible sleep effects can be seen in about 30 to 45 minutes, making it a good choice for those looking to fall asleep quickly as it works in less than an hour.


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