A decade after the Mavi Marmara Cruise: The ship for sale

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Execution in Turkey has put up for auction the ship that made the Marmara cruise more than a decade ago from Turkey to Gaza – and was stopped by the Navy and caused a stir.

Several ships tried to board a number of attackers near Somalia several months ago, and the ship’s crew was unable to repel the attackers. However, after the help of outside security guards two hours later they were able to regain control of the ship to the attacked crew.

Due to the attack there are signs of an attack on the ship, but it is still claimed by the execution that the ship can sail excellently with the right crew.

As you may recall, about 11 years ago, the Mavi Marmara sailed from the shores of Turkey towards Gaza under the guise of humanitarian aid, but terrorist operatives were found on board the ship, which led the navy to take control of the ship outside Israeli territory. The fighters killed 9 people and wounded dozens.

Israel has finally apologized for taking over under pressure from former US President Barack Obama, and compensation has been set for the families of those killed in the flotilla.

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