A “deserved” award for “perseverance” and “job well done”

It’s a unique feeling. Hard to explain. The chosen ones who have been lucky enough to live it ever say so. An ascent is an ascent. It is sometimes celebrated even more than a fat title. Of course, a League or a Champions League puts you in the top spot. Those are big words. But going up to Primera is the big prize for those footballers who dream, and also break a stone, to catch the elite. In Girona they know, and by all means, what this is all about. A club used, not too long ago, to go through hardships, to compete from Second B down. The last few years are the bright ones. Those of absolute success. Starting in 2008, the first big leap. Continuing for 2017, the historic. And ending, at least for now, by 2022. Confirmation. The return. To understand the present and the immediate future, it is sometimes necessary to look back. Know what it feels like and what it can bring from now on out into the opinion of those who have already experienced it. Proper names such as Raül Agné, Eloi Amagat and Richy Álvarez, among others. Witnesses who agree on their point of view, who rejoice in it, who celebrate it.

Agne begins. The helmsman of Girona who knocked on the door of professional football, to enter in 2008 and, for the time being, not to leave. Jump to Second A and a good bunch of matches in the silver category, in two stages. “What has been done gives value to the perseverance of being in the elite. Many promotions, a promotion, more attempts. It goes beyond a one-time appearance. There are many. That’s because things are going well. And it sounds easy, but it’s not. The team has found the reward for the effort. In addition, he has done very well in football. This is affected by the now coach of Nàstic, who recently came close to going up to Second A with the grana team. “It simply came to our notice then. Michel has understood what modern football demands, making a perfect mix between good football and pure football. And now what? Agne is clear, neck down. “They have been doing well for many years, without changing with successes and failures. I don’t think they’re deviating from that line now. ” He says that all this, the successes, the milestones, were “unthinkable” in the nineties. “The youngest will remember ten or fifteen years ago. But before that Girona competed in Tercera, Preferent, Primera Catalana … A lot of value must be given to all this and I hope it lasts for many years ».

Another ascent with capital letters. The one of 2017. The protagonists who lived it have recalled those days with the recent success of Girona. Those on earth and those beyond. Richy Álvarez, captain of that squad and now retired. “After starting with the worst possible results, the promotion achieved is more than deserved. Confidence in the coach and his coaches has been key. He speaks of an ascent that “must be highly valued for what it has cost” and of a Girona that “has grown a lot”, at the same time as a city that “deserves to be on top”. Speaking of what is to come, the Galician believes that there will be “a team not to go down” and is clear that “rivals who come to Montilivi will suffer” because those of Michel “will give everything”. Fran Sandaza, a colleague in that dressing room, also says so. Another much-loved player in Montilivi, still active, but currently without a team. “I think the joy of going up this time is even more intense. To be sixth, to eliminate Eibar and Tenerife, to finally win a play-off. It is a very beautiful thing that has great merit. Girona can be in luck and I feel healthy envy. The procession I lived through is one of the most beautiful days of my life.

Month. In this case, Samuele Longo. The little one of 2017. Coincides with the idea of ​​”reward” after a great “effort” and “perseverance”. “It simply came to our notice then. The club is doing very, very well. Now it’s time to enjoy it and prepare for next season “, says the now Vicenza player, with a past in Girona and also in Tenerife, the last obstacle before going up to Primera this year. Close ratings Eloi Amagat. Promotion to Second in 2008 and also the jump of 2017 in the curriculum. Feeling “maximum happiness” and great “pride.” “All the memories of the last time have come to me at once, with the streets of the city full of white-and-red T-shirts. They always say it’s never like the first time, but I find this one too very special. It has cost a lot and behind it is the effort of many people. Of those who are there and of those who have passed through it. All of them are sure to be happy. He, the first.


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