A doctor and three nurses were attacked at Rambam

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Police today (Saturday) arrested a resident of Umm al-Fahm and detained two others, on suspicion of assaulting a medical staff at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. The investigation was opened upon receipt of the report at Hotline 100. The assault occurred by a patient’s family following his death at the hospital earlier. The assailants did not need medical attention.

The attack on Rambam: Photo from the body camera of one of the security guards // Photo: Body camera of one of the security guards

Haifa police officers and YSM fighters who arrived at the scene arrested the suspect, a resident of Umm al-Fahm in his 20s, and detained two other family members, a man and a woman in their 40s, for questioning at the city police station. Depending on the development of the investigation and its findings, the police will decide whether to request an extension of the suspects’ detention in the Magistrate’s Court in Haifa tomorrow.

A Rambam spokeswoman: “Police officers were called to Rambam about an hour ago to assist the hospital security guards in disturbing the oncology ward. The background – a family of a patient from the Wadi Ara area who died began to attack staff members. Now the place is quiet and there are no casualties.”

Data from the Ministry of Health on cases of violence in government hospitals show that by 2021, by the end of October, there were 4,631 riots in hospitals – about 15 incidents a day. In 2020, 5,300 events occurred. 252 of the cases in 2021 included physical violence, 115 incidents of threats and 121 cases of verbal violence or damage to property, and a total of 488 incidents. In 2020, there were 306 incidents of physical violence, 128 threats and 225 cases of verbal violence or damage to property, and a total of 659 violent incidents.

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