A document in the handwriting of Albert Einstein sold for 11.6 million euros

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An early manuscript by Albert Einstein, sold yesterday (Tuesday) at an auction at the Christiez auction house in Paris for a record 11.6 million euros. This is a price four times higher than the initial estimates of the auction house experts and it is also the most expensive manuscript of the scientist ever sold at auction.

The importance of the manuscript written between the years 1914-1913 is that the scientist is engaged in the development of his theory of relativity which he developed at that time and formulated together with his fellow Swiss and his confidant engineer Michel Bosso. These are 54 handwritten pages in which Einstein’s confrontation with questions regarding the movement of the planet Mercury (hot), which have bothered the scientific world for a long time. In fact, it is a manuscript that is a step towards the general theory of relativity that he wrote. At the auction house Christies point out that the invention of this manuscript is a miracle because Einstein kept almost all of his calculations and writings from that period until he finished developing his general theory.

Einstein’s Manuscript from 100 Years Ago // Photo: Noam Rivkin Fenton,

The person who saved the manuscript was Michel Bosso because Einstein found some errors in the calculations and therefore wanted to throw away the text. The auction house noted that “the manuscript allows us a glimpse into the mind of one of the greatest scientists ever and the most important scientist of the 20th century.” The manuscript also shows the progress made by the scientist from the development of the famous equation of special relativity from 1905: E = MC2 towards general relativity.

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Other previous highs to which the scientist’s manuscripts have reached are the sum of $ 2.8 million for a letter from 1918 as well as a sum of $ 1.56 million for his letter of happiness written in 2017.

Einstein died in 1955, but his early writings from the years of the giant discoveries are rare, because he did not attach much importance to what he defined as formulas and simple and drafts for the real discovery. It so happened that today we have very little information about the path the scientist went through and the calculations that led him to his enormous discoveries.

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