a Dutch sailor seriously injured her head near Cape Horn

a Dutch sailor seriously injured her head near Cape Horn

Rosalin Kuiper Team Malice

Rosalin Kuiper, co-skipper of Team Malizia, suffered a concussion after hitting the head near Cape Horn during the crewed round the world sail.

Around 9 a.m. Sunday March 26, 2023 near Cape Horn, Rosalin Kuiper, co-skipper of Team Malizia, suffered a head injury after falling from his berth when the boat was suddenly stopped in the momentum of a big wave. Rosalin was sleeping when it happened, she was ejected from her berth and hit her head just above her right eyebrow, during ‘The Ocean Race’ (crewed sailing world tour) for her first big race in IMOCA. She did not lose consciousness during the incident and the crew hastened to come to her aid, as she was bleeding heavily from the brow bone. While Nico Lunven secured the boat and reduced her speed, Boris Herrmann alerted the shore crew, then contacted race doctor Spike Briggs for further treatment.

Will Harris his co-skipper and Antoine Auriol cleaned and treated the wound before monitoring it, in order to detect a potential worsening of the symptoms of concussion. The doctor in charge of the young woman contacted Rosalin again for a medical check-up at 5:30 p.m. and confirmed that she suffered from a concussion, requiring a lot of rest. Hours after the incident, Rosalin Kuiper said in a message to Holly Cova, team manager: “I’ll get over this, I look like a pirate now. The movements of the boat are painful and echo in my head but I think I’ll be fine. I sleep a lot and the guys watch over me and take care of me very well.”

Will Harris contacted the shore team in the middle of the day: It is difficult to keep the boat from moving at the moment, we are doing our best to keep it stable, but the conditions are incredibly difficult. We are watching Rosie closely and will do everything we can to make sure she is okay. She has been very brave and is trying to rest. » Due to the very remote location of the boat and the fact that Rosie was in stable condition, the best option was to continue. The Ocean Race Crew, Shore Team and Race Management continued to monitor Rosalin and follow the advice of Doctor Spike Briggs to ensure Rosalin receives the best care possible on board.

A point on the race

The event occurred on the twenty-seventh day of the third leg of the crewed round-the-world sailing race “The Ocean Race”. For the moment, Team Malizia is leading the race but Rosalin Kuiper’s injury is hampering the advance of the crew led by Boris Herrmann who momentarily loses one of its key elements, namely the 27-year-old Dutch girl. .


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