A faltering start to Battlefield 2042, but the fixes are on the way

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The launch of Battlefield 2042 did not quite live up to expectations. Quite a few bugs, broken mechanics, and a gap compared to expectations. But judging from the previous launches, the developer is in a hurry to sort everything out during the post-launch period and the game becomes much more polished and tidy.

So already for a start, Electronic Arts posted a post on its blog where it describes changes that are going to come into play. The first update will be distributed over the weekend and will contain some fixes with the first being an update on server access and bug fixes discovered so far. Another change deals with the problem of assault rifles and the scattering of weapons. Today, the assault rifles in the game create too much scatter between the balls. The scattering is basically the deflection of the ball from where the target is. In the case of some of the weapons it is too large a scattering that makes it difficult to hit. This change is going to occur laterally across all weapons, and also specifically to some weapons that suffer from the problem in particular.

Another change is in the portal system that allows the creation of independent battlefields. Players used this to gain a score (XP) and thus gain an advantage over other players. EA are aware of the problem and make changes and follow-up in the field.

The update will introduce further changes in the field of resuscitation (Revive) that has become impossible when players are near the wall. The company will also introduce changes to the user interface, the matchmaking system that is responsible for balancing the combat players and the players’ progress line for opening skins and getting XP.

In December, a third update to the game is expected, which should introduce more significant changes. Among other things, improvements to the mouse direction, balance of weapons and updates to utilize the hardware and improve the performance of the games will be displayed, as many players report a drop in the frame rate and the developer noted that this may be related to working with certain processors. The entire update is expected to provide a significant change in the game and improve performance, user experience, and balance between the characters.

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