A father saves his little girl who is attacked by a coyote

A camera captured the dramatic moment a father pulls his little girl from the fangs of a coyote on the grounds of their Los Angeles home.

The event, which occurred on Friday, went around the globe, including the Daily Mail.

Ariel Eliyahuo, an Israeli father, first parks in his driveway before pulling his two-year-old daughter out of the car. The little one, who takes a few steps on the sidewalk while her father is emptying the trunk of the vehicle, was suddenly attacked by a coyote.

The animal bit the child several times before grabbing her leg with its fangs and pulling her towards the street. The father, who only took seconds to see the vicious attack, ran to his daughter to pull her out of the coyote’s mouth. He then threw a bottle in the direction of the mammal to finally scare it away.

The girl was transported to a hospital shortly after the incident. She escaped with non-life-threatening injuries, including a severe gash to her leg.


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