A feminist association denounces Reina Sofía for falsifying statistical data

A feminist association denounces Reina Sofía for falsifying statistical data

members of the Alliance Against the Erasure of Women (Alianza CBM) have filed a complaint with the Transparency Portal about the data processing of the Reina Sofía Museum by introducing indicators that misrepresent and hide the information disaggregated by sex, in violation of the law for effective equality between women and men.

The CBM Alliance requested information from the Reina Sofía Museum through the Transparency Portal regarding the acquisition of works of art from 2007 to 2021 and other information that would allow them to assess the situation of the Museum in terms of Equality. This information allowed the preparation of the report ‘What do women paint at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía?’, which was presented on Museum Day and which revealed the institution’s scant progress in achieving the objectives set those required by the Equality Law.

In all cases, the information requested required that the data be disaggregated by sex, as required by Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for the effective equality of women and men, which is established in article 20. The CBM Alliance According to a statement sent to the press, she denounces that variables without legal or statistical recognition are included in some of the data sent by the MNCARS management, thus falsifying the information disaggregated by sex.

“The management of the MNCARS introduces variables that are not legally recognized, so that the statistics disaggregated by sex offered become incomplete, distorted and therefore not true,” they denounce.

“There are no male artists and female artists”

In fact, they affirm that this situation has been made evident in the response that the Museum gives to several members of the Alliance Against the Erasure of Women: «We also provide you with the global data on acquisitions made in the requested years of works of art by male And Female Artists, once the works acquired from groups, non-binary or agender and anonymous have been discarded».

Regarding this, this feminist organization wants to state: «Although it seems understandable that the works acquired from collectives or anonymous works do not appear in the data segregated by sex, the Museum has the obligation to know the components of the collective works as that would allow him to have information to measure the so-called ‘gender gap’”, he says on the one hand.

“We point out that there are no male artists and female artists. There are female artists and male artists. The equality law does not oblige to identify the behavior of the artists but their sex. It is sex, and not gender, the data that the Equality Law obliges to include as an indicator because knowledge of this indicator is what makes it possible to reveal the inequality gaps between women and men, and what makes it possible to design public policies focused on correcting this inequality.

Thus, they conclude:The information offered falsifies the statistical data since talking about work acquired from ‘non-binary or agender’ people excludes an indeterminate percentage of women from the statistics and considering the social behavior with which each artist identifies as relevant statistically falsifies the information on the sex of the artists in the museum’s collections.

For this reason, members of the CBM Alliance have addressed a complaint to the Transparency Portal, sending a copy of it to the Royal Board of MNCARS, among whom are the Royal House; Miquel Iceta, Minister of Culture; Manuel Borja-Villel, director of the Museum; Ángeles González-Sinde, president of the Board of Trustees; Beatriz Corredor, President of Red Eléctrica; Ana Botín, president of Banco Santander; Marta Ortega, president of Inditex or Mª Eugenia Rodríguez Palop, MEP of United We Can in the European Parliament, among other people linked to politics or business.

The complaint recalls that “the system established to order the information is not technically correct since sex and gender are NOT two synonymous categories and one does not exclude the other.”

“Borja-Villel has not achieved the objectives in Equality”

Finally, the CBM Alliance requests the Ministry of Culture to provide the real data in accordance with the law and abandon the use of legally indeterminate and unrecognized concepts such as ‘agender’ and ‘non-binary’ as exclusive of the sex category, since they invalidate the statistics. disaggregated by sex and suppose a de facto violation of article 20 of Organic Law 3/2007.

As Manuel Borja-Villel announced yesterday his resignation to run for re-election, following information from ABC about the legal fraud perpetrated in his contract as director of the Museum, from this organization they affirm that he “ends his term without having reached the objectives to which the Law of Equality obliges him».


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