A former agent warns: “Russia has a network of murderous spies ready to act at any moment”

A former British agent has warned that we have no idea how many Russian spies Vladimir Putin has in the UK, leading normal lives and waiting for the moment to strike. The spies lead normal civilian lives for years, integrating and taking jobs in important industries

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a network of Russian spies in Britain who are ready to kill on command, according to a former MI6 agent.

The British Sun reports that the spies have been leading normal civilian lives for years, integrating and taking jobs in important industries such as national defense. They then try to maneuver themselves into positions of influence – gaining access to critical information and waiting to strike.

The former agent, Julian Richards, also said that Putin’s people are being trained to infiltrate commercial companies that provide services to governments. “Theoretically they could assassinate someone, if they had to,” he said.

“We know that Britain has always been a particular target for the Russians. They know that we can be a very useful connection to the American intelligence system.” Richards went on to say that it is difficult to gauge how effective and extensive Putin’s spying network is. On the one hand, Russia can be extremely efficient at espionage, meaning we have no idea of ​​the true scale. On the other hand, the time and expense involved in setting up sleeper agents may mean we don’t need to worry too much.

Richards said: “It’s a big problem and we have no idea about the scale and how many agents are out there, but I think it’s more likely that it’s not that big of a problem, there probably aren’t many of them out there, but there are some, especially in the UK.” Richards’ warning comes after the arrest of suspected Russian spy Sergei Skbortsov and his wife Elena Kolkova in Sweden earlier this week.

To the outside world, Skvortsov, 59, and Kolkova, 58, from Moscow, looked like everyone else, one neighbor said, but beneath the friendly demeanor, Swedish authorities suspect the couple led double lives as spies for the Kremlin for more than a decade.


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