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Five years after the earthquake: “The state is close to you”. The hypothesis of compensation is more concrete

Red eyes, shoulders hunched under a pain that weighs and falls silent. This is how the victims’ families faced the fifth anniversary of the 2016 earthquake. No more tears, but still with the anger of a loss that no one has even tried to compensate. Houses, public works, shops have been financed, but people have not. He also said this to the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, arrived by helicopter yesterday in Amatrice, a small delegation of sisters, fathers, mothers of the 299 deaths of 24 August 2016. Urging that rule that provides, beyond the economic compensation (about 200 euros), support especially in the search for a job , for the victims of earthquakes, presented in Count 1, hinged in Count 2 and never brought to the courtroom. “The president has listened to us, we hope he will do more than the others,” they said at the exit of the meeting with the premier and commissioner for reconstruction Giovanni Legnini.


«If I am here today it is because the State is close to you. In the past it was slow, but now the situation is different: the reconstruction work is progressing faster. I am here today to bring you the confidence and commitment of the government, ”said President Draghi. Reassuring about the “great attention” that the executive has reserved for the development of these lands: € 1.78 billion, as part of the Plan complementary to the NRP, the provision of the Simplification Decree, and the comparison with the Regions and Municipalities for the definition of the institutional development contract for post-earthquake recovery («Cissisma»). “It will take time. Friuli took 15 years, Irpinia 45, how long the reconstruction will last depends on how much everyone will do their part. We have prepared ordinances and resources. Now it’s up to the mayors, the technicians, the companies ”, explains Legnini. And of course it would help that reconstruction staff were hired with less precarious contracts. Instead they stay for a couple of years and then, as soon as they become experts, they go to more stable places. “It would take a contract like that of researchers, renewable five years,” says the mayor of Amatrice, Massimo Bufacchi.

The bishop

“The reconstruction has started – says the bishop of Rieti, Domenico Pompili -. But now we realize that we need to build a new relationship between man and the environment “so that we do not rebuild” only cribs “. It is a crucial point, to avoid what happened in L’Aquila: when the houses were finally rebuilt, the population had gone elsewhere. “We must allow ourselves to be provoked by nature which is creative and open to the future”, emphasizes the bishop, underlining that Central Italy has been forgotten for too many years. And the “enormous debt” that the cities have stipulated with the inland areas must now be “compensated”. Like? With a train. Pompili says so, citing a recent Bank of Italy investigation that documented the infrastructural delay of the Apennines. A train that makes Central Italy a bridge between the two seas: the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian, connecting Rome to San Benedetto del Tronto. A few hundred kilometers that could heal that “debt”. Agrees the mayor of Amatrice: «We asked Draghi to work on the modernization of the central Apennines. We have major road problems: the two seas railway must become a priority work ».

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