«A Fuoco!», the Cinema “under attack” at Galleria Toledo

«A Fuoco!», the Cinema “under attack” at Galleria Toledo

NoonJanuary 31, 2023 – 6:43 pm

The exhibition curated by NapoliMonitor, screenings and meetings with the authors from 1 to 22 February

At Galleria Toledo in the Spanish Quarters, ON FIRE starts! film review organized by Naples MONiTOR with the screening of four documentaries, in the original language with Italian subtitles and meetings with the directors. Appointments for four on Wednesday 1, 8, 15 and 22 February 2023 at 8.30pm. The first documentary in programming is “Little Palestine – Diary of a Siege” by Abdallah Al-Khatib.

The locations of the four films in the program – a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria, a building being dismantled in London, a slum camp in Turin, an urban area north-east of Damascus – have little in common in terms of history and identity of those who live there. There is, it is true, a thematic link between the four films, and it is the condition of siege: an imminent danger threatens the lives imprinted in the image. Perhaps in these stories we see the same general process: the perverse cycle that feeds on rubble and reconstruction. The interesting connection, however, does not concern the more evident contents, but the expressive forms. In these films, whoever holds the camera has a familiar relationship with places and people, his gaze is inside the siege spaces and, above all, he is aware of his own role. This awareness oscillates between the desire to understand what is happening and the need to intervene in the world, with the hope of protecting or transforming it. The detailed program is below.

1 FEBRUARY 2023 – 8.30 PM
di Abdallah Al-Khatib

A filmed diary of daily life in the largest Palestinian refugee camp – Yarmouk, in Damascus, Syria – and its besieged inhabitants, who have decided to face bombing, displacement and hunger with demonstrations, study, music, love and joy.

8 FEBRUARY 2023 – 8.30 PM
at Andrea Luka Zimmermann

In London, an entire residential area was destroyed in 2014 to make way for new urban projects. During seven years of filming, the faces, gestures, voices and daydreams of the inhabitants of a residential complex being demolished emerge.

15 FEBRUARY 2023 – 8.30 PM
by Manuela Cencetti, Jean Diaconescu, Stella Iannitto

In 2015, the Turin institutions cleared the slum camp along the Stura. Jean, an inhabitant of the camp, tells his point of view and uses the telephone to film the daily life of the inhabitants and the violence of public officials and the forces of order.

22nd FEBRUARY 2023 – 8.30 PM
Di Saeed Al Batal & Ghiath Ayoub

In 2011, Saeed and Milad decide to leave Damascus to go to Douma and take part in the Syrian revolution. They film life for more than four years, from the initial euphoria to the anguish and disenchantment that have settled over time.

All the directors intervene in person or remotely. Tickets 5 euro single seat bookable by sending an email to [email protected] on sale online on azzurroservice.

January 31, 2023 | 6:43 pm

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