A gymnastic rhythm from Pinara, sundayspecial

A gymnastic rhythm from Pinara, sundayspecial

The girl who has achieved the historic achievement of being the first national medal winner from Kerala in Rhythmic Gymnastics… May is Pinarayi’s signature V. in gymnastics that requires both flexibility, strength and concentration. Read about Shayona in today’s ‘Mitukki’

Shayona | Photo: Mathrubhumi

V. Shayona’s flexibility was in the field of athletics as a Venduttai ‘Govinda’ during high school. It was his uncle Pradeepan who first suggested that Mitukuki, the upazila athletic champion, be enrolled in ‘SAI’. Achan, who is a sports enthusiast, also agreed and applied for admission in Thalassery ‘Sai’. By the time of admission, high fever prevented. Shayona insisted on participating in the athletes’ selection no matter what. He was dropped from the selection list in the first round due to his physical disability. Arunkumar Patela, a gymnastics coach, rushed to the scene when he saw the sad child with his mother. It was suggested to try a hand at gymnastics, where the election was held later that day. Thus Thalassery took admission in rhythmic gymnastics at ‘SAI’.

Trained under Abhishek Sharma

Then two years of rigorous training under Abhishek Sharma from Madhya Pradesh. Five-time Kerala State Gymnastics All-around Champion, Two Bronze in Senior Nations in 2017, One Gold and Silver in All India Inter University Championship in 2018, Two-time Excellence in Khelo India National Youth Games, Top 10 in 36th National Games (Indian Olympics) held in Gujarat.

At the 2023 All India Inter University Gymnastics Championship held in Chandigarh, she bagged six medals including five gold and one silver and won the overall championship. Presently under Punjab University, S.D. MA in college She is a first year student of sociology. In the absence of the coach, the training was completed by finding money on my own. Guru is Akshata Shetty, a rhythmic coach from Pune.

Dream to be representative of India

Shayonai is now gearing up to achieve her dream of representing India in international competitions. Although there is a desire to train abroad, the high cost is a hindrance. To encourage gymnasts and attract new children, a petition has been submitted to the Chief Minister requesting that those who have shown excellence be considered for the police force. This clever is hoping for a favorable decision. She is the daughter of Suresh Babu, a laborer, and V. Anitha, a tailor, of Pinarai-Venduttai.


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