A healthy woman who acted as an inpatient for 13 years to get a benefit of Rs 5.9 crore Healthy woman pretended to be bedridden for 13 years to claim benefits of Rs 5.9 crore

For 13 years, a healthy woman pretended to be bedridden to claim benefits worth Rs 5.9 crore. Frances Noble, 66, was charged with felony criminal mischief. Between 2005 and 2018, Noble spoke to members of the Hertfordshire Country Council and convinced them that he was ill and needed 24-hour home care. Subsequently, the Council granted Noble the ‘Direct Payment Care Package’, which is usually given to persons with disabilities or their families.

Noble had been receiving funding from the council for 13 years. However, the authorities found that the money was being used to spend a luxurious holiday in the United States and Canada with his son and daughter – in – law. The suspicion started when the neighbors saw the 66-year-old walking with her dog in the morning. With that, the authorities started monitoring them. Later, when I saw the home delivery packet breaking down without any problem, the box came to light.

The court then sentenced Noble to four years and nine months in prison. Judge Richard Foster ruled that the fraud was the biggest in the UK.


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