A historic humiliation for Emmanuel Macron

by time news

The Grande Nation has not been so humiliated for a long time: At the last G7 summit, Great Britain, the USA and Australia negotiated a new military pact – behind the back of the present French President Emmanuel Macron. The French did not hear the whispers and the secret cables – even though France has post-colonial interests in the region and, as a result of the Anglo-Saxon Pact, lost a billion-dollar deal for the delivery of submarines to Australia. The French were apparently deliberately snubbed – and rode sharp attacks against the US government at the weekend. There was talk of the “stab in the back”, of the “serious breach of trust” and a policy like that under “Monsieur Trump”. Macron is said to be on the phone with US President Joe Biden “in the next” days.

But Macron may have already forfeited France’s chance to become one of the greats in the armaments industry in 2019: At that time, Macron described NATO as “brain dead”, which many military politicians have not forgiven him to this day. In addition, France has been trying to push through its own path within NATO for some time and repeatedly clashes with Turkey. However, Turkey plays an important role for the Anglo-Saxons with regard to Syria, Russia and the former states of the Soviet Union.

Macron, whose presidency is on the brink of the march of Marine Le Pen, has few options other than symbolic gestures. So Paris ordered the ambassadors from Washington and Canberra back in an unprecedented step. The ambassador in London is allowed to stay for the time being. From the “opportunism” of the British one was the least surprised in connection with the whole affair, it was said behind closed doors by French officials.

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