A huge fire broke out at a nuclear missile engine plant in Russia

A huge fire broke out at a nuclear missile engine plant in Russia

A fire broke out at a nuclear missile engine factory in Russia, the factory produces engines for the nuclear missile system. The fire is the latest in a series of mysterious fires that have damaged key Russian infrastructure

A large fire broke out on Thursday at a plant manufacturing engines, including Russian nuclear missiles. The inferno began in the administrative part of the Yaroslav plant, also known as Avtodiesel – 250 kilometers north-east of Moscow. About 220 staff members were evacuated when flames broke out in the building and sent thick black smoke into the sky. At least seven workers were trapped and rescued.

The plant produces engines for the Topol-M nuclear missile system and many other equipment used by the Russian armed forces, including trucks, the Daily Mail reported. Ukraine recently announced that it is responsible through sabotage groups for some of the explosions and fires in Russia in recent months, many at strategic facilities.

The extent of the damage and whether there will be a delay in equipment for Putin’s war against Ukraine is unclear. The Biroslav plant is one of the largest Russian plants producing multi-purpose diesel engines, gearboxes and spare parts. The head of Ukrainian intelligence, Major General Kirill Budanov, told Forbes magazine last month that Russia is dealing with many unusual explosions and fires. “The majority is not accidental, something is constantly burning in Russia.”

The latest fire is a continuation of no less than 100 unexplained fires in Russia since March 22, 2022 – almost a year from now. While most of the attacks were recorded in western Russia, closer to the border with Ukraine, there were also a number in Russia’s deep east.


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