A huge Joventut ends with the favorite Baskonia

A huge Joventut ends with the favorite Baskonia

2023-05-30 23:23:35

He youth did not miss the opportunity and gave the bell by winning (83-76) to the Cazoo Baskonia also the second game of the Endesa League playoff, so it will play for the second consecutive year the semifinalsin this case against the winner of the tie between Real Madrid and Dreamland Gran Canaria.

The Olímpic, a pressure cooker with almost 7,000 fans, was once again the tomb of Joan Peñarroya’s team, second in the regular League, after the people from Vitoria were already out of the Cup in this same setting in February, also against Joventut and in the quarterfinals.

As happened in February, Penya was superior, especially in the second half, with a Kyle Guy that shined again 22 pointsand had in Guillem Vives (15 points) a faithful squire who knew how to unblock his team in attack with his success in the triple.

Los 15 offensive rebounds captured by the green and black were another of the keys to an unexpected victory that once again put Carles Duran’s team among the top four in the ACB.

The shot of three was the main offensive argument of both teams with a 7 of 15 for Joventut and a 7 of 16 for Baskonia in the first twenty minutes played with great rhythm by both contenders.

Kyle Guy (3 of 4) and Guillem Vives (2 of 2) were the most successful for the locals while Markus Howard (3 of 5) was for the people of Vitoria, who had the American (13 points) and Rokas Giedraitis (9 points) to their best players. The Lithuanian also left Joel Parra zero points in the first half.

Four triples put Joventut ahead at the start of the match (16-11, min. 8) against a Baskonia lacking in defense on the perimeter and with little impact on the inside game. Howard cut off the good green-black start to tighten the score at the end of the quarter (21-19).

The attacking centers appeared for both teams at the beginning of the second quarter with Ante Tomic scoring his first basket and Kotsar giving him the reply from the free kick, but the inside players were extras before the high rhythm of play of both teams.

Two triples of Chest of drawers y Howard they put Baskonia ahead again (26-28, min. 13), but Joventut began to diversify their attacking game, looking for Birgander near the hoop and beating the Dominican Andrés Feliz to his defenders in a one-on-one to basket.

Baskonia could not find their place on the track and Joventut resumed control on the scoreboard thanks to Guillem Vives to go ahead at halftime in the light (46-40) after an unsportsmanlike play by Díez on the green and black point guard.

The success in the triples disappeared in the third quarter and the centers regained prominence in both teams. Kotsar put Baskonia up again (46-47, min. 23), but Joventut reacted thanks to Guy y Vives to put a new advantage on the light (62-54, min. 27).

Joan Peñarroya had to send to the bench Markus Howard at 2’28” due to his fourth personal foul after being unable to stop Kyle Guy, for whom up to three Baskonia players rotated in his defense without being able to stop him.

Without the American on track, the Baskonia He was giving ground to the green and black. Tomic scored and assisted, and Kyle Guy scored a spectacular triple at the buzzer at the end of the third quarter that raised all the fans from their seats (71-62).

Joventut extended the difference to 15 points (77-62, min. 33) with points from Feliz and Tomic with a Baskonia unable to react. He did it when there was still time to change the sign of the game with a triple by Matt Costello (77-67, min. 35).

The green-and-blacks got nervous, and they went four minutes without scoring, but Baskonia didn’t know how to take advantage of it. A basket by Brodziansky with 2’34” to go gave Joventut air and the people from Vitoria were in a hurry.

He bet everything on triple and lost everything with that trick. The 4 of 16 in the triples in the second quarter and the offensive rebounds of Parra and Tomic in the final attacks ended up giving Badalona a well-deserved victory.

83. Youth Badalona (21+25+25+12): Vives (15), Guy (22), Parra (3), Brodziansky (13), Tomic (6) -initial team-, Ventura (-), Feliz (13), Birgander (4), Kraag (3) and Ellenson (2).

76. Cazoo Baskonia (19+21+22+14): Thompson (15), Marinkovic (3), Giedraitis (14), Costello (5), Kotsar (12) -starting team-, Howard (16), Heidegger (5), Ten (3) and Sedekerskis (3).

Referees: Hierrezuelo, Aliaga and Manuel. They eliminated Markus Howard by five personals (min. 37)

Incidences: second match of the quarterfinals of the playoff for the Endesa League title played at the Palau Olímpic in Badalona in front of 6,917 spectators.

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