A huge python stalks the possum; Scared baby-video

A huge python stalks the possum;  Scared baby-video

A few days ago, a woman living in Hervey Bay, Eastern Australia, was having dinner at home. But suddenly an unusual sound was heard in the back verandah of the house. When he went to the place where he heard the noise, he saw a seven-foot-long huge python. The python was trying to eat a cat-sized possum by suffocating it around it.

Horrified by the size of the snake, the homeowner immediately alerted snake expert Drew Godfrey of Hervey Bay Snake Catchers. It was customary for the owner to give fruits to the possums who frequented the backyard. She says that while she was saddened to see her beloved possum being eaten by a python, she was also surprised to see such a large animal being caught and killed so casually.

Anyway, Drew arrived soon after reporting that he had seen the snake. By that time, the python had almost completely swallowed the lifeless possum. Very quickly, Drew caught the python, bagged it and moved it to another location. But after some time another thing was noticed. There was also a baby possum near the house who was in a state of terror after witnessing the python capture and eat its mother.

The baby was only about four months old. The baby possum was trembling because of the pain of losing its mother and the fear of seeing the snake. Sharing the video on social media, Drew notes that since the mother is not old enough to drink milk, feeding the baby will be very difficult. But the possum wasn’t afraid even when Drew came close. After wrapping it in a towel, he transferred it to East Coast Exotic Haven, a wildlife sanctuary.

The possum was swallowed by a python, a species of coastal carpet python, a subspecies of carpet pythons. Found on the east coast of Australia, they grow up to 13 feet long. Although their bites are extremely painful to humans, they are not poisonous. Drew says that the python was only acting according to the laws of nature, even though the mother was worried about the baby’s condition.

English Summary: Woman Finds 7ft Python Eating Possum As Its ‘Traumatized’ Baby Watches


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