A Jewish man was brutally stabbed with scissors outside a factory in Montreal

A 24-year-old Orthodox Jewish man was stabbed last Thursday outside the kosher meat processing plant where he worked in Montreal, Canada.

According to a report in a local media outlet (CTV News Montreal) the victim was stabbed with scissors in the face area and suffered a cut in his right eye. He was taken to a hospital in the city where he received medical treatment that included stitches. According to a report on the “StopAntisemitism” Twitter page, the victim is in stable condition and the attacker has been arrested.

The attacker – his co-worker, a Lebanese immigrant who recently started working there.

In the documentation posted on Twitter, the Jewish man is seen wearing traditional clothing with black pants and a tassel over his shirt, leaning outside the factory on a scooter. Suddenly the attacker comes out of the door and looks both ways, apparently to make sure that no one is around. After seconds he leaps at the Jew and stabs him in the face with the scissors in his hand. The Jew fled into the building while the attacker waved his hand to stab him in the back but without success.

Warning – hard to watch! Photo: Twitter StopAntisemitism

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