A major outage on the Orange mobile network makes calls impossible

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2023-05-30 19:18:29


Subscribers to the operator’s service have been experiencing difficulties in making their calls since the middle of the afternoon. The investigation to identify the problem is still ongoing.

Major outage on the Orange mobile network on Tuesday. For a few hours now, many subscribers to the French operator’s service have been having difficulty making and receiving phone calls, even in places with good mobile connectivity. Asked by the FigaroOrange explains that these difficulties started around 4 p.m.

The website «Downdetector», which lists the breakdowns reported on access to operator services, reports the first alerts earlier in the afternoon, around 2 p.m. After a slight dip around 3 p.m., reports have since skyrocketed according to its data. Orange nevertheless explains that these first reports concerned disruptions in access to mobile data, a problem which could therefore have a different cause.

Ongoing investigation

Many Internet users have been sharing their misunderstanding on social networks in recent hours. And all over the country. “The problem is still ongoing, the teams are mobilized to restore as soon as possible. Investigations are still underway to identify the origin of the problem.confirms a spokesperson for the French group, who adds that it affects “a large part of the territory”.

While waiting for the restoration, the incumbent invites users to repeat their calls when they do not succeed the first or second time. Only calls on the Orange mobile network are affected by this outage. The emergency numbers work a priori, even if Orange suggests giving preference to 112. Several testimonials on social networks nevertheless report difficulties also in sending and receiving SMS. Internet connection services are functional depending on the operator.

More information to follow…

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