A market for rights to consume energy

A gas pipeline. 30847205/WestPic – stock.adobe.com

In this system, the State would grant, over a given period, rights to consume gas to eligible companies. A rights market would be set up.

This is the first act of “end of abundance” proclaimed by Emmanuel Macron last week. During her opening speech at the Rencontre des entrepreneurs de France, Elisabeth Borne asked the bosses to reduce their energy needs before winter. With a 10% drop in their gas consumption in sight, to avoid shortages following a possible cut in the supply of Russian gas.

And “achievable goal”, insists the entourage of the Prime Minister. As proof, the biggest gas consumers have already reduced their consumption by 10% over the first six months of the year, and the smallest by 5%. Companies are already being pushed for sobriety due to prices which have literally skyrocketed in recent days. That of gas is close to 300 euros per megawatt hour, five times more expensive than before the crisis.

The government therefore gives companies one month to complete gas savings plans by sector. “If everyone doesn’t get involved…

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