A married couple kept people in slavery for several years, beat them and starved them.

In Fejer County (Hungary), a married couple was detained by law enforcement officials on suspicion of illegal imprisonment and the use of slave labor. The portal 168 Óra reported about it.

According to preliminary data, several men have worked for their families for several years for free. They had to keep about ten horses clean, feed the pets, and do other housework. For this they were given a piece of bread, occasionally adding butter. They were never given money.

The police do not specify exactly how they fell into slavery in a man and his wife. They had to work until 14-18 hours a day, there was little food, so they were all severely depleted.

Most of the “slaves” lived in a burned-out part of the house, which has no roof, water or heating. Another man lived in a broken minibus. They washed in the yard.

The couple took their mobile phones and passports from them. The men imprisoned had their teeth knocked out and their noses broken. The exploiters regularly threatened them and severely beat them.



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