A mass brawl broke out in Rahat – three were seriously injured

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Three members of minorities were seriously injured today (Thursday) after a large-scale brawl broke out in Rahat. The background is probably a family dispute in a mourning tent.

MDA medics and paramedics provided medical treatment and evacuated to Soroka Hospital three wounded, aged 17, 25 and 41, in critical condition with penetrating injuries to their bodies, as a result of violent injuries.

Jaber Abu Maafar, a paramedic at the Rescue Union, said: “With the help of other paramedics, we gave them initial assistance and then they were evacuated to the hospital. Also during the treatment we were told that there was another wounded man from another scene who was also taken to hospital.”

MDA paramedic Itzik Alfasi said: “We were at the MDA station when we were called out to a parking lot for a 17-year-old boy who was involved in a violent incident and suffered penetrating injuries to his body. He was taken to the hospital when his condition was serious and unstable.

“When we arrived at the clinic in a few minutes, we were taken to the treatment room where a 41-year-old man was lying fully conscious. We quickly picked him up in the intensive care unit and evacuated him to the hospital when his condition was serious and stable,” he said.

MDA paramedic Itzik Cohen said: “We reached a 25-year-old man who was fully conscious and suffering from penetrating injuries to his body, provided him with medical treatment in the area that included stopping bleeding and administering medication and quickly evacuated him to the hospital when his condition was serious and unstable.”

The heads of the Negev Promotion Forum, Ortal Perlman Shmueli and Julie, said of the kata: “We are very concerned about the increase in violence in the south even when it occurs in Rahat and not only in Be’er Sheva. If anyone thinks the problem does not affect him – wrong Soroka in the center of Be’er Sheva and shots were fired that shocked the entire country.

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“The violence does not stop at the borders of villages and settlements but involves all sectors. We expect the security forces to cut off that violence as soon as possible and launch an operation to collect the illegal weapons. This is the order of the day. The day we lose the Negev is closer than ever,” they said.

Yesterday: Police raid in the Negev settlements

As part of the “Safe Track” operational activity and the national struggle to deal with crime in Arab society and to strengthen governance and deterrence, about 1,200 police and border fighters acted yesterday across the Negev against crime targets in the Bedouin sector and in the city of Beersheba. Of different types.

Firearms, weapons and various types of drugs were found in police and border operations throughout the Negev, November 2021 // Photo: Police Spokeswoman

Following the policy of the Israel Police and as part of the fight against crime with an emphasis on drug offenses, weapons and violence, an operation was held today in the Southern District led by the district commander, Peretz Amar and under the command of Negev commander Nachshon Nagler. Seven.

A number of government ministries participated in the activity and police officers from the Negev region took part, along with Negev YSM fighters, MAGN unit fighters, Negev IDF detectives, Yoav unit fighters, Border Police fighters and special units, MFA fighters and the Southern Animal Unit. In the first phase, the focus was on enforcement against targets defined as perpetrators of crime in weapons and drug offenses in the sector of these stations, and in the second phase on enforcement activities combined with civilian elements.

Weapons and bullets found during police operations in the Negev, Photo: Police Spokeswoman

During the operation, about 41 suspects were arrested and detained, two Carlo weapons, weapon parts, cartridges and ammunition and over 20 kg of cannabis and cannabis ready for distribution were located and seized. Meanwhile, cannabis greenhouses with thousands of seedlings were destroyed. With an emphasis on road bullying offenses and life-threatening offenses, 70 reports were submitted, 20 vehicles were taken off the road due to mechanical defects and nine vehicles suspected of being counterfeit and 12 vehicles suspected of being stolen were seized. In terms of the environment – three Paul Trailer trucks were arrested for dumping waste illegally.

One of the marijuana growing greenhouses found during operations in the Negev, Photo: Police Spokeswoman

Bar-Lev referred to the operation and said that “the operation held tonight is unprecedented here in the south and encompassed a force of about 1200 policemen from all the units – Border Police, Border Police, Border Police and more. This is the third operation in the south with hundreds of “Police officers within a few weeks, we went from defense to attack. Whoever endangers you, you do not wait for him to come to you – you come to his house and attack him there.”

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“I am not basing myself on the success of Operation Tonight, it will be successful no matter what, and there is no doubt that it was successful, just as I do not shy away from the mass brawl at the entrance to Soroka Hospital, no matter how difficult, and it has been difficult. “And it will be continuous with quite a few ups and downs and it will take time. And we will succeed. We do not dodge or bend. It is our duty,” he said.

A huge field of marijuana discovered during police operations in the south, Photo: Police Spokeswoman

Commissioner of Police Shabtai: “The Israel Police is currently facing very great challenges in all areas and this activity in which we have concentrated about 1,200 police and fighters illustrates how determined we are to fight criminals on all levels, both criminal and economic. We will reach them, their homes, at any time and at any time in order to send a clear message – the Israeli police will not stop acting until we eradicate the illegal weapons phenomenon and increase the security of the residents of the south and the whole country. “

He added that “in recent weeks we also receive reminders that the same police officers who raided the criminals’ homes tonight are also facing the terrorist threat in Jerusalem and in general and therefore we are committed to preparing for all scenarios and this is how we act. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the district commander And his policemen who do everything so that the residents of the south will live in security. “

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