A modern producer, two old-fashioned trades: family businesses growing despite the pandemic

CORTONA – Mirco Zappini is a modern manufacturer with an old-fashioned craft. In addition to wine in fact he carries on, with his wife Pamela and in-laws Simone and Doriana, the family textile company, in Camucia, a fraction of the municipality of Cortona. Trying to combine two fairly distant worlds, traditional embroidery and modern graphics. Among other things, he collaborates with major Italian international high fashion brands. And the pandemic didn’t affect work that much. «To our amazement – said Zappini – the work has increased, the companies have also been replenishing. We have been lucky. Above all, we have sold a lot online. Ours is a long tradition, we have not abandoned the art of traditional embroidery, the historical activity of my in-laws and we have reinvented ourselves in terms of graphics and design ».

The world of wine has belonged to him for at least 30 years, because the first winery produced grapes and then resold them. Until Mirco became passionate and decided to take over the company and enhance it. And so Cantina Canaio was born, the name is due to an ancestor, the “canaio” in Tuscany is the one who guides the dogs in hunting wild boar, who lived on the farm with many dogs, where the company is today. a completely restored seventeenth-century cottage. We are in La Rota Farneta, about 320m above sea level, nestled between two valleys, a hilly system called «the closed of Cortona». 2014 and 2015 were test years, the first real bottle is from 2016.
«Let’s say that with this vintage I have personally managed the grapes from the plant to the bottle – he says -. Ours is a very small production, there are about 18,000 total bottles. In addition to Syrah, the symbol of our Doc Cortona, I also produce 100% Merlot, Chiorre, although very few bottles, about 1300 ». And there are already new projects knocking on the door. In fact, a new Cru is coming, a Syrah that will refine 50% in wood and the other 50% in amphora, in local Villa Passerini. A historic home in the area. The first vintage is 2019 and presents a very lively wine, with crunchy fruit and a more bloody part with a nice savory and pepper trail. The two Syrahs in production are Il Calice and Terra Solla.

March 22, 2021 | 15:25

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