A money box again! ‘Twist’ by Bigg Boss- Dinamani

A money box again!  ‘Twist’ by Bigg Boss- Dinamani

With the second cash box being introduced in Bigg Boss today, the contestants are in a quandary.

Out of a total of 21 contestants in Bigg Boss Season 6, only 6 qualified in the final week. This season will end in 4 days.

In this case, yesterday, instead of the money box, this time the money bag was introduced. It was revealed that one of the 6 contestants in the final week can leave if they choose to leave with the money given.

While it has been announced that the amount in the money bag will continue to increase, the initial amount of Rs. Katiravan left with 3 lakhs leaving his fellow contestants in shock.

In this case, today they have introduced the money box. A promo has been released in which Bigg Boss says that whoever wants to take this can go.

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In previous seasons only one cash box was introduced and only one contestant was given the opportunity to walk away with the money. But this time, it has introduced a second cash box that has confused its competitors.

Expectation has arisen among the people as to who will take this money box.


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