A musical storm blows through Middle Beast Sandstorm, artful young minds | Saudi Arabia MDLBEAST Soundstorm

RIYADH: The three-day long third ‘Middle Beast Sandstorm 2022’ concluded with a musical storm that stirred young hearts. The connoisseurs and artists left the stage with an ocean of music in their minds. On the last day, Saturday night at 12.30 pm, it was announced that French DJ David Gotha, who is very popular in Saudi, will be on the stage. By then, the city of Banban, where Middle Beast was taking place, was overflowing. At 12.20, the helicopter circled over Kalanagaram. At that time, colorful light rays rose to the sky from the huge stage, playing music. Fans recognized that it was the arrival of David Gotha. David appeared in the arena in a few seconds. The audience greeted with cheers. After that, the fans did not touch the floor for more than an hour. He celebrated by dancing and singing along with his favorite star.

The venue also witnessed performances by dance jockeys including Mohamed Ramadan and Dutch Moroccan DJ Rehab. The program ended with the performance of American DJ Marshmello. When the programs ended at three in the morning, a new history in the music scene was born in Saudi Arabia. Soundstorm was well-received in Saudi Arabia with a diverse performance of over 200 artists across seven venues. In the last few days, the tickets were sold out before the events started. Those who attended the event responded that Middle Beast marked a program that gave hope and inspiration to the creative youth of the country.

Organizer Saudi General Entertainment has prepared all the facilities for the art lovers coming to Banban. Small stages were specially set up for those who did not want to dance in the crowd to step alone. A special security campaign and pavilion titled ‘Respect and Reset’ was on stage. This special mechanism is to receive complaints from any side and take action by informing the concerned departments immediately. Apart from this, more than 3,800 security personnel and 300 CC TVs were set up to ensure security in the city, with one security officer for every 35 people. A huge board in front of the venue warned that violators could face five years in jail and a fine of three lakh riyals.

Doctors, paramedical staff and a makeshift clinic were ready to approach in case of health problems. Kiosks offering free drinking water were set up throughout the grounds. There were leading Saudi food companies and coffee shops in the city. Banban Kalanagaram has all the basic amenities including a mini-market for designer clothes and festive paraphernalia called ‘Beet Bagala’. Organized by Middle Beast with permission from the Saudi Entertainment Authority, next year’s Sound Storm music festival will take place in Riyadh on the 7th, 8th and 9th of December. Tickets are already on sale online.


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