A naked man armed with a machete tried to rob the victim of his clothes

Naked man with a cigarette lighter in Florida (Volusia Sheriff’s Office photo)

sane? Not sure: A man was seen walking around naked with a machete in his hand. He was arrested by officers who were called to the scene after he demanded a man’s clothes at knifepoint, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

The incident happened yesterday (Monday) around 10:00. The victim told police that Brandon Wright suddenly ran out of the bushes where he was picking berries and told him to hand over his clothes, wallet and phone.

As he began to comply, Wright suddenly threw the machete at him – along with a handful of palm kernels. The weapon bounced off the victim’s chest and he was not injured.

Still naked, Wright jumped into his white Dodge Challenger and fled the scene. A short time later, patrons of a nearby gas station told police that Wright stopped at a pump and got out of his vehicle.

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A police helicopter located Wright and transferred his activities to the dispatcher. “He’s doing push-ups at the entrance to the grocery store here,” states the pilot at one point.

In the video, Wright can also be seen walking down the middle of the street as panicked drivers maneuver around him. As the officers approached, Wright lay down next to his car and surrendered without incident.

The sheriff’s office said Wright had prior convictions for kidnapping, possession of a weapon by a felon, assault on a law enforcement officer, possession of cocaine and resisting arrest.

He remains in custody without bail.

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