A network of alleged criminals dismantled by the National Police

A network of alleged criminals dismantled by the National Police

2023-09-19 12:20:46


As part of the fight against urban insecurity, the National Police, through the District Police Station (CPD) of the commune of Saaba, put an end to the illicit activities of a network of alleged thugs who had specialized in the hijacking of trucks of various goods (rice, mats, plastic objects, etc.) which transit Burkina Faso to other countries in the sub-region.

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Regarding the group’s modus operandi, the gang leader, named NA and based in Lomé, was responsible for finding trucks which he made available to traders who wished to load their goods at the port of Lomé. It targeted goods that were to transit through Burkina Faso to other countries in the sub-region. Once the trucks were loaded, he then played the role of intermediary, particularly for the payment of transport costs for the drivers with whom he exchanged contacts.

As soon as a driver started and after having traveled a certain distance, he would call him to tell him that the goods will finally have to be unloaded in Ouagadougou. And at the same time, NA was doing everything possible to get ahead of the driver in Ouagadougou. On site, he made tempting offers such as payment of all transport costs to the destination with a bonus of between 300,000 and 500,000 FCFA if he agreed to unload the goods in Ouaga. At the same time, he took care to look for customers in Ouagadougou ready to buy the diverted goods.

Thanks to the collaboration of the population, investigators managed to apprehend five (05) members of the group. They were also able to find and seize a truck and its contents, precisely the goods previously diverted and sold, which they repackaged in the said truck and made available to the Mobile Customs Brigade service. It should be noted that five (05) trucks loaded with goods were targeted by the network.

The National Police once again thanks the people who made this operation successful. Furthermore, it renews its invitation to all citizens to be more vigilant and prudent and to always abandon the search for easy gains. Finally, she urges all populations to continue the dynamic of reporting suspicious cases to the toll-free numbers made available to them: 17, 16 and 1010.

Source : Police Nationale



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