A new and designed Kia Niro will arrive in mid-2022 with a hybrid or electric motor

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Electric or hybrid: Kia does not publish technical details at this time, but does reveal that the propulsion units will be similar to the outgoing model. That is, a hybrid, rechargeable or electric hybrid – still on the basis of the same platform as the regular models and not a dedicated E-GMP from the concern. Kia notes that the hybrid-rechargeable propulsion system management computer will receive data from the navigation system, thus making it possible to automatically switch to driving via the electric motor in areas defined as “green” such as city centers, or in close proximity to hospitals and schools.

What we think: The outgoing Kia Niro is one of Kia’s best-selling models here, thanks to a combination of economical hybrid propulsion, a high seating position and most of all an attractive price tag similar to that of a family car. All this, despite an anemic appearance. The new Nero addresses exactly this weak point, so it can be assumed that if the importer is educated to maintain a price similar to the replaced model, its success is guaranteed.


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