A new leak of the possible “iPhone 15 Pro” button design

A new leak of the possible “iPhone 15 Pro” button design

A new video revealed the possible design of the buttons of the iPhone 15 Pro phones, which will be launched by Apple, next September, as the video clip indicated that the leading Apple phones will come this year with a flat and simpler button design.

According to the clip circulating on the Doyuin social platform, which is the Chinese version of “Tik Tok”, the volume control buttons come in the form of one extended button, instead of two separate buttons to raise and lower the volume.

In addition, the entire mechanism of the volume shutdown button will be changed, instead of using a forward and backward moving button since 2007, with the first versions of the iPhone, the button will become pressable.

And the video clip indicated that the buttons in the “iPhone 15 Pro” phones will come with a different working mechanism, as they will not be mechanical, while they will depend on their work on haptic feedback vibrations, by providing Apple with two new Taptic Engines for its expected phones. The buttons give the user an interactive feeling when pressing them, without the need to provide the buttons with internal moving mechanical parts.

It is noteworthy that Apple relies on vibration motors in many of its products, such as the touch area in MacBook computers, as well as the Home button in the latest versions of the “iPhone SE” phones last year.

It is expected that the new design of the buttons will remain exclusive to the “iPhone 15 Pro” and “iPhone 15 Pro Max” phones, while the “iPhone 15” and “iPhone 15 Plus” phones will come with traditional buttons in terms of their design and mechanism of action, according to the leaks.

Technical blogger Sonny Dixon also indicated, via a tweet on Twitter, that the screen design of the new phones from Apple for the current year will all be based on the Dynamic Island design language, which was introduced by the “iPhone 14 Pro” family last year for the first time.

Another leak, a few days ago, indicated that the iPhone 15 Pro phones will come with the thinnest edge thickness in the year, as the edge thickness is expected to be about 1.55 millimeters.

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