A new process begins on September 2nd

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BerlinBalloons hang at the entrance to the garden plot. Music blows over the fence, laughter can be heard. About 40 mostly young people came to the party that was going on this Saturday evening in the Pankow allotment garden. You celebrate into the birthday of a friend who is not present herself, cannot be there. No more. Because the birthday boy is dead. Fabien Martini died three and a half years ago when a patrol car rammed her car at more than 130 kilometers per hour. The young woman would have turned 25 on Sunday.

Fabien’s parents and younger brother invited to the birthday party, just as they have done every year since the death of their daughter and sister. But this time the celebration has another reason. Britta Martini, Fabien’s mother, reveals this shortly before 8 p.m. when she and her husband Christian greet the guests. You have good news, she says. “It continues,” says Britta Martini. The appeal proceedings for the death of her daughter at the Berlin district court against a police officer started on September 2nd. And she hopes that the judges will allow the police officer Peter G.’s patient file this time. It is the file that is supposed to prove that the officer was drunk at the time of the accident.


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