A new start in sport instead of self-harm

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Dhe latest episode in the dispute about the extent of the “culture of fear” in the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) cannot surprise anyone. Neither the plausible-looking complaints of the athletes’ representative Jonathan Koch, who tried to be correct, nor the counter-speech about the “dirty game”.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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Everything together must give the final impetus to carefully work through this theater. Just to be able to draw a good lesson from it. How can such a development be prevented in the future? Because the damage to sport is immense. More than ever, he needs a strong voice of integrity if he is to be heard on the most important issues.

The designers of organized sport would have to look forward to Saturday as a possible turning point in Weimar. If the pandemic still allows the general meeting, including new elections, in quick succession (three hours including the presentation of all candidates). Whoever wins the race, the favored Thomas Weikert from table tennis or the fencing president Claudia Bokel: The new leadership must unite, rebuild what separated the old one, and even destroyed it. Above all, trust. That alone is a Herculean task.

But even before the beginning, this eminently important carer work is made more difficult by the opaque struggles for a position in the new beginning committee. Jörg Ammon, the President of the Bavarian State Sports Association, confirmed to the FAZ on Tuesday that he would no longer run for Vice President. The reason is a complaint from colleagues on the presidium of his association with the Munich public prosecutor’s office, which the “Spiegel” published over the weekend.


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