A Palestinian was seriously injured in a car accident. Suspicion: overturned due to stone throwing

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A Palestinian driver was seriously injured at noon (Wednesday) after he overturned with his car near the village of al-Mu’ayyar in Binyamin. The wounded man, Raed al-Haraz (45) from Nablus, was evacuated by helicopter to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. His son who was with him in the car was lightly injured and was evacuated by the Red Crescent to a hospital in Jericho.

The central unit of the SJ District Police, which handles national motives, opened an investigation into the incident because it was suspected that the accident was caused as a result of stones being thrown at his car. The GSS is also involved in the investigation. The suspicion may have arisen, among other things, against the background of the fact that in another incident in the area, another Palestinian driver, a resident of the village of Duma, was slightly injured after the windshield of his car was smashed by stone throwers. The police said in response only that “an investigation has been opened following the accident.”

Palestinian government spokesman Ibrahim Malchem ​​condemned the incident and said “settler terrorism against Palestinians is escalating.” Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Eshtiya issued a condemnation and called on the international community to provide protection to the Palestinians.

Hadassah Medical Center said: “In the afternoon, a person injured in a car accident with a serious head injury was taken to the trauma unit. After being stabilized by the staff of the trauma unit, he was transferred to the operating room.”

MDA reported: “At 12:58 a report was received of a Palestinian commercial vehicle that overturned in an open area on Road 458. Paramedics and paramedics assisted by an IDF medical force provided him with medical treatment and evacuated him by helicopter with a head injury.”

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