A partnership is born between Volocom and Mimesi for the digital newsstand service Voloeasyreader

Volocom and Mimesi, both companies involved in the Media Intelligence sector, have decided to start a collaboration in the field of Digital Newsstand for Companies, which represents an area of ​​growing interest in the current scenario of progressive digitalization of processes. Based on the sales and co-marketing agreement, Mimesi will be able to integrate in its offer of Media Monitoring, Reputation and Media Coverage services, the B2B Digital Newsstand solution, VoloEasyReader, the most widespread and innovative on the market. VoloEasyReader allows you to browse, from a single access point, the selected publications in digital version and to query a search engine with news updated in real time from print, web, Radio, TV and social networks.

At the base of Mimesi’s choice of the Volocom Digital Newsstand there is both the functional richness and the breadth of the number of integrated publications (500) present in the platform. The solution, recently renewed also in the graphic interface, responds to the need for continuous technological innovation and is equipped with an App for mobile and offline consultation.

Furthermore, VoloEasyReader thanks to the Disaster Recovery solution guarantees business continuity, essential for all companies that need daily news reading. The two companies, sharing among other things a rigorous approach to the recognition of copyright, were among the first to join the PromoPress Repertoire, which manages the reproduction rights of newspapers and periodicals in the Press Reviews on behalf of the participating Publishers. The partnership between the two realities promises to be the basis for a profitable collaboration for both parties, capable of bringing innovation and new services to its customers.

“We are happy with this collaboration” says Valerio Bergamaschi, CEO of Volocom, “We greatly appreciate Mimesi’s modus operandi precisely because it adopts our same attention to customer satisfaction and shares with us the values ​​of respecting the rules of this market. We are confident that it will bear excellent results in terms of expanding the respective business and quality of customer service. ” concludes Bergamaschi.

“This new collaboration is very promising” declared Marina Bonomi CEO of Mimesi, “and is part of the development and diversification of services that our company has for some time been among its objectives. Volocom is a company whose technologically advanced ability to innovate, which operates on activities that are largely complementary to ours. We hope this agreement is the basis for further future collaborations. ”


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