A passer-by picked up the Nokia 3210 that was soaked in barnacles in the sea, a magic phone from the 1990s | T Kebang

The 3210, the first mobile phone without an antenna launched by Nokia, also endowed the phone with a special function of “unbreakable”, which is not afraid of being dropped or blistered.

According to Australian media reports, a mother found a Nokia 3210 wrapped in barnacles while walking on the beach in Australia’s Gold Coast (GoldCoast).

Then her daughter brought this “very story” Nokia 3210 to the school for display. Surprisingly, this Nokia 3210 has been covered with barnacles (common organisms in the ocean) due to long-term immersion in seawater.

It is reported that the Nokia 3210 is a candy bar mobile phone that was launched in October 1999. It was the most powerful mobile phone at that time, and the Nokia 3210 mobile phone was very durable and was once a trend indicator. Even if it has been soaked in sea water for an unknown number of years, you can see that it still maintains a complete appearance.

A passer-by picked up a Nokia 3210 that was soaked in barnacles in the sea, a magic phone from the 1990s

The mobile phone has built-in alarm clock, computer, currency conversion and other functions. At the same time, the phone has built-in games such as Snake and Tetris. It can be said to be the pioneer of playing games on mobile phones.

In addition, it is the second best-selling mobile phone in the world, with 160 million units sold after its launch.


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