A patient reception manager needed

Responsibility for the administrative operation of a patient admission and discharge system in a general hospital with 301-600 beds and within which 20,000 or more admissions are conducted per year.

Responsibility for the normal and ongoing operation of the office for receiving and discharging patients at the hospital, during all hours of the day, throughout the year, including Saturdays, holidays and emergency assessments.

Representing the issue of admission and patient registration before the hospital management.

Establishing work procedures in all areas of admission and patient registration in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health headquarters and the hospital management, including the publication of instructions and work procedures.

Determining work arrangements for all employees of the office of admission, screening and discharge of patients, guiding them in their work and solving professional problems,
As needed.

Initiating and participating in training for employees in the field of receiving patients, to improve their professional skills.

Recruiting new employees, training them and assessing their professional competence for permanent placement.

Responsibility for carrying out collection procedures from all medical service recipients in the emergency department and hospitalization.

Responsibility for receiving appropriate commitments from the referring parties and/or direct collection from the service recipients, including locating debtors and opening legal proceedings if necessary.

Responsibility for the collection and regular delivery of triage and hospitalization accounts to the funding institutions, including health insurance funds, the IDF,
Insurance companies and national insurance.

Responsibility for the concentration and delivery of the funds received in cash, to the hospital treasurers.

Responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the computerized data processing system, including initiating and implementing changes and improvements
For the purpose of improving and optimizing the use, in matters under his/her responsibility.

Liaising with the authorized parties regarding the current maintenance and repairs in the systems.

Responsibility for producing periodic statistical reports, as needed and according to the unit’s reporting procedures, including their transfer to the authorized parties, drawing conclusions and applying them at work, in coordination with the supervisor.

Maintaining contact with the relevant parties for the position, including the medical and nursing staff in hospitalization services and in the emergency rooms and residences inside and outside, on issues under his/her responsibility.

Responsibility for providing death certificates and burial licenses, if necessary and according to the supervisor’s decision.

Performing additional duties, in the professional field, in accordance with the supervisor’s instructions.


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