A phone call from Rajini! Pandiarajan is rocking!.. That’s why he is a superstar!…

A phone call from Rajini!  Pandiarajan is rocking!.. That’s why he is a superstar!…

Actor Rajinikanth is a simple person who has reached the top in the film industry. There are many examples of this. He has none of the ego that many actors usually have. Simple. Adaptable to any situation. Even if he was given a separate caravan on the shooting site, he would not stay in it but would sit on a chair in the clearing. He eats very ordinary food.

He speaks to everyone with respect and without hesitation. Even on stage he talks openly about bad habits he has or had. Thus, he does not think about what others think of him. Even though the films he is acting in are not big hits, Duvantu will get up and perform enthusiastically at the festival again and again.

If there is any sadness in the house of those who insulted Rajini as an enemy, he will immediately contact and console them. If he likes watching a movie, he immediately calls up the producer, director, actor and praises it wholeheartedly. That’s why he has the title of superstar in the film industry for many years. Even now some actors are aspiring for his title.

Actor-director Pandiyarajan shared an interview with Rajini about the action. Once I was at the airport and Rajini came there. I waved when I saw him. I don’t know if he saw me. A crowd gathered around him and he left. I didn’t take it seriously either.

The next day I received a phone call from him. Rajini said, ‘I saw you waving at me. Couldn’t talk to you in that situation. Forgive me for that’ he said. I’m freaking out. There is no need for a big actor like Rajini to do it. But, he does it. That’s why he is a superstar’ said Pandiyarajan.

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