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Next week, a new photo exhibition will open at the Friends of Israel Museum in Jerusalem, a tribute to architect Zaha Hadid, by artist and photographer Eli Matityahu. The exhibition includes about 21 photographs of unique buildings by architect Zaha Hadid located in cities such as Baku, Seoul, Milan, Vienna, Munich and more. Eli Matityahu has been photographing architectural structures of leading contemporary architects for years, following which he has traveled around the world. He processes the photographs into figurative and abstract images that are identified with the personal-unique photographic language.

His photographs have participated in and won many photography competitions and have been exhibited around the world and in various international museums and in Israel, such as the Louvre in Paris, the Museo del Castello – Ferrara, Italy, the Holon Museum of Design, Jaffa Museum of Antiquities, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, galleries: Agora Chelsea New York, Amalia Arbel , Back, roots, Jerusalem Theater, Beit Mazia and more. He recently won the Discovery of the Year award for The Architecture Master Prize. British photography magazine LE MAG and French photography magazine Shades of Gray dedicated articles to it.

Dongdaehm Seoul Architect Zaha Hadid from Eli Matityahu’s exhibition at the Friends of Israel Museum. Photo credit: Eli Matityahu

Eli Matityahu Yerushalmi The roots and cultural figures of the city. Serves as a director of cultural bodies such as Hora Yerushalayim, the Jerusalem Theater – Beit Mazia, the Association for the Heritage of Spanish Jewry, the Association for the Renewal of the Aramaic Language and more. BEber presented a weekly program on Radio Jerusalem and is remembered as the initiator who produced and directed the “Festiladino” singing festival with the participation of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, which was broadcast on Israeli television.
The Friends of Israel Museum is an experiential center on Zionism, which tells the stories of heroism and kindness of non-Jews who engraved on their banner to act in any way they could, in the face of personal hardships and difficulties, to return the Jewish people to their land of Zion. Through different periods, and to this day we.

The New York Oculus was built on the ruins of the Twin Towers. Architect s. Clatterrave. Photo credit: Eli Matityahu

A new photo exhibition at the Friends of Israel Museum II pays homage to architect Zaha Hadid
Photo: Eli Matityahu
curator: Dr. Nissan Perez
opening: 31.5.22
locking 13.6.22
At the Friends of Israel Museum – Yosef Rivlin 20
Nahalat Shiva Jerusalem


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