A policeman was slightly injured: The Bedouin riots in the south also took place tonight

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In recent days, riots have broken out in the Negev over the planting of the KKL-JNF in the Bedouin diaspora, and the Israel Police announced this morning (Friday) that the forces also acted during the last night to take control of riots in Segev Shalom and Tel Sheva.

As the report shows, the riots intensified and the residents of the area suffered damage and fear for human life:

  • On Route 60 it was reported by a number of drivers that stones were thrown at them, the vehicle was damaged and an investigation was opened.
  • A security guard’s vehicle on its way to the Tel Sheva point was pelted with stones. The security guard managed to take cover at the police station and later it emerged that his vehicle had been set on fire. An investigation has been opened.
  • Stones were reported on Road 80 near the Nabataean base. Police officers from the Arad station arrived at the scene. The windows of the police car were shattered and a policeman was injured (slightly) and was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.
  • During the night, a number of tire arson incidents were reported on Route 25 and Route 80.

Detainees from last night’s violent disturbance at the Molda interchange will be brought before the court. The police clarified that they are also operating at the place over the weekend, and asked the public to call Hotline 100 in any case of concern and close to the event. “We will not allow any violent protest and will act to enforce the law against the violators.”

The anger in the Bedouin society over the plantations in the Yatir forest started already at the beginning of the week, and also on the political level it is not quiet. After the ultimatum issued by RAAM to the government not to vote with the government as long as the plantings continue, Economy Minister Meir Cohen, who is in charge of regulating Bedouin settlement in the Negev, formulated an outline according to which work will be suspended and the parties enter into accelerated negotiations, with Minister Zeev Elkin’s approval.

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