A popular cinema critic Kaushik LM died and here are the reasons Film critic Kaushik dies suddenly

Film critic and PRO Kalasik died of a heart attack.

Kalasik has been one of the most popular critics on social media. Apart from criticism, he was also doing work including cinema promotion and PRO. He was active on Twitter as LMK Movie Maniac and was very active in reporting cinema related news and providing box office information of films.

Due to this, many people from movie fans to screen stars were following his account on social media.

In this situation, Kalasik died due to heart attack. It is reported that he passed away in his sleep at home. The news that Kalasik, who was posting on Twitter till a few hours ago, died in the next few hours has left many in shock.

Kalasik, who is said to be 35 years old, has made many people discuss how he died of a heart attack at such a young age.

Similarly, the lines kept by Kalasik in his WhatsApp home page note are also going viral. In the WhatsApp message he had, he said that good health is our wealth and everything else is after that. Many people are saddened that this has happened to him who had posted with concern about his health.

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Meanwhile, DMK MLA and actor Udayanidhi Stalin, actor Karthi, SJ Surya, Jayam Ravi, Raghava Lawrence and actresses Keerthi Suresh, Anjali, Sayesha have expressed their condolences.

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