A rapper was arrested on suspicion of being the author of the Wisconsin massacre

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According to various media in the United States, the police arrested on suspicion of perpetrating the massacre during the Christmas parade in Wisconsin, which had a balance of five dead and 40 wounded, to Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, a man who identifies as a rapper.

So far, there has only been information provided by the press, and there is no official confirmation yet. The suspect, sources say, was detained in Milwaukee, and is a rapper known by the name MathBoi Fly.

He had in his possession a Ford key and the attack on the parade was carried out with a red Ford Escape

A picture of rapper Darrell Brooks Jr, taken when he was arrested for previous crimes.

According to various sites and some Twitter accounts, Brooks has a criminal record and is registered with the Nevada State Child Sex Offender Registry

Since 1999 – these sources say, without official confirmation at the moment – it has been convicted of drug possession, resistance to a public official and aggression

There are also several open investigations around him. His alleged photos of police arrests have also appeared online.

According to the agency The Associated Press, investigators were questioning a person who had been arrested in connection with a prior crime, which the official described as an argument in which a knife was used.

An image of how the street in Wisconsin where the massacre occurred.  Photo: EFE

An image of how the street in Wisconsin where the massacre occurred. Photo: EFE

The official, who cautioned that the investigation was still in the early stages, was not authorized to discuss the case publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

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Source: ANSA and AP


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