a rave party with 150 revelers near the Belgian border

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On the night of Saturday 2 to Sunday 3 October, the Grand-Ducal police had to put an end to a rave party which was held close to the Belgian border, north of the Grand Duchy. The small town of Biwisch, which has 124 inhabitants, saw its population double for an evening, with the massive arrival of 150 revelers in a wood, report our colleagues from L’Essentiel.

When the police intervened, many revelers tried to flee. The police were still able to catch up with some of the fugitives. Several of them could be identified. According to the first elements of the investigation, they would come from “the neighboring border zone”, that is to say probably from the province of Luxembourg.

When the party was over, we had to dismantle the sound equipment and clear the vehicles stuck in a field near the woods. Great damage was caused in the field where the party was held.


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