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The regional center has received new LiAZ and Volgabasy gas-powered vehicles to renew the public transport fleet – a total of 97 buses purchased with federal money. Soon, after registration and retrofitting, they will go online. All in all, this year, within the framework of the national project “Clean Air”, Chelyabinsk has acquired 157 new buses, which are designed to reduce the environmental load on the atmosphere of the metropolis.

As explained to “RG” in the regional Ministry of Roads and Transport, initially this year it was planned to purchase 150 gas vehicles for federal infusions, but during the competitive procedures it was possible to save and purchase more units of equipment. Nevertheless, despite such an impressive batch, Chelyabinsk’s need for large-capacity transport has not yet been fully covered. Previously, the required set was estimated at 300 new buses running on liquefied and compressed natural gas.

According to the regional ministrytrans, the delivery of 30 trams from the Ust-Katavskiy Carriage Works to the South Ural capital must also be completed by January, and 40 new trolleybuses will arrive in 2022 in accordance with the concession agreement signed by the regional government with Sinara – City Transport Solutions.

As the ministry clarified, in total Sinara – GTR Chelyabinsk undertakes to supply the city with 168 units of modern low-floor rolling stock (98 of which with the function of increased autonomous running up to 20 kilometers), as well as to reconstruct two trolleybus depots, overhaul three operating traction substations and build three more from scratch. Also, 24 existing substations will be modernized. Note that the concessionaire company will be responsible for the maintenance, current and overhaul of facilities, the organization of the timely and uninterrupted transportation of passengers.

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Due to the mechanism of infrastructure loans and thanks to the concluded concession, Chelyabinsk will see the first large-scale results of the transport reform in two years, emphasizes the Minister of Roads and Transport of the region, Alexei Nechaev. According to the head of the transport department, these are very tight deadlines.


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