A record number of people infected with COVID-19 per day revealed in Crimea :: Society :: RBC

The daily increase in people infected with coronavirus in Crimea has broken another record. More than 700 new cases are registered daily in the republic during the week

Photo: Konstantin Mikhalchevsky / RIA Novosti

In Crimea, 776 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected per day, the regional Ministry of Health said. This is the maximum since the beginning of the pandemic.

The daily increase in infected people in the republic has been breaking records for more than a month, for the 35th day in a row.

21 people died from coronavirus in a day. The total number of people infected in Crimea reached 101.2 thousand people, 3.1 thousand died.

The first two regions have introduced a QR code requirement when boarding a plane

Photo: Aram Nersesyan / RIA Novosti

Against the background of an increase in the number of people infected in Crimea, a number of restrictions were introduced. Visit cafes and restaurants, as well as shopping centers with an area of ​​more than 300 square meters. m is possible only by a QR code confirming vaccination, transferred COVID-19 or a negative test. Catering establishments are prohibited from working at night, entertainment establishments are closed on weekends.



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