A revolution again? Senior Iranians are calling for a reduction in powers for the Revolutionary Guards

The Iranian opposition website, Iran International, reported today (Friday) that due to the removal of the head of the Revolutionary Guards intelligence organization, Hussein TayebSenior security officials have announced that they are interested in a thorough cleansing of the organization that runs the Islamic Republic.

According to the report, the commander of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards and the Minister of Intelligence are among Tayeb’s top opponents and have been waiting a long time for his removal. After his failure, the two seized the opportunity and turned directly to Iran’s supreme leader, Ali KhameneiAnd claimed that “the organization led by Tayeb failed to carry out its missions and did not adhere to its authority to thwart terrorist acts in Iran and harmed other security organizations in our country.”

Hussein Tayeb (Photo: No Credit)

According to the report, other opponents of Taibeh in other security bodies in Iran have called for purifying the Revolutionary Guards, firing many of the organization’s senior officials and even reducing its powers.

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As you may recall, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards announced yesterday the appointment of Muhammad as Azmi as the new intelligence chief of the organization and will replace Tayeb. According to reports in Iran, the latter was dismissed due to the failure of the wing headed by him to carry out attacks against Israelis on Turkish soil. At the same time, Iranian media reported that Tayeb survived an assassination attempt and was subsequently transferred to the hospital after being injured “in mysterious ways.”


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