a right more unified than ever on ideas

The shrinkage has the merit of clarifying things. The war of the rights between Europeanists and Eurosceptics is over; ended the confrontations between the seguinists and the liberals; forgotten are the debates on identity issues between supporters of integration and supporters of assimilation. This opposition had reached a sort of apogee during the 2016 open primary for the presidential election between an Alain Juppé, herald of happy identity and “reasonable accommodation” with Islam, and a Nicolas Sarkozy stiffened on firmer positions since his speech in Grenoble in 2010. Since the departure of the Juppeists for the Macronist shores, the firmest line, that of Nicolas Sarkozy and François Fillon, the won in the ranks of the Les Républicains (LR) party.

A particularly visible unity on sovereign subjects among the candidates for the head of the party, during the first round of the internal election, on December 3 and 4. Drastic reduction of immigration, firmness on expulsions, assumed link between immigration and delinquency… “I say very clearly: no rights for illegal immigrants, no housing, no allowances, no school”, launched Eric Ciotti during the debate on LCI, on November 21. In his program, the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes proposes to build 30,000 prison places, to restore the minimum sentences and the double penalty which he summarizes with a formula: “Jail or the plane. »

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Careful not to be overwhelmed on these issues, Bruno Retailleau is just as hard, wishing for a rewriting of the Constitution and an effectiveness of the obligations to leave French territory (OQTF). “We must assume a standoff with the countries of origin”he recommended, on November 20 on Europe 1. Aurélien Pradié, who had been accused by his competitors of being too lax on these subjects, adopted the same posture. “All residence permits in our country must be probationary”, declared the deputy of Lot, during the debate.

Pensions, taxation, abortion…

More differences, but notable nuances between the candidates on other themes. For example on the pension reform. If everyone deems it necessary, Bruno Retailleau is for a decline in the starting age. Aurélien Pradié, in a more social line, campaigns on the contrary for an extension of the number of annuities of contribution so as not to disadvantage those who started working early, citing several times during the campaign his brother baker. Eric Ciotti has chosen an intermediate path, wanting to leave the choice between leaving at age 65 or extending the contribution period from forty-three to forty-five years. “I leave the freedom to the future retiree to choose the system that is most favorable to him”he explained, on October 29, in an interview with the Parisian.

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